Monday, November 12, 2012

Dating Day : Genting Highland Strawberry Park

I've been eye-ING for a room and it's kind a impossible to get one during week ends some more with all this we opt out for a day out instead.. coming up early in the morning it was so cold and the road was full of mist.. it exhilarating.. you can't barely see what's in front of you..


We went to park our car at First World Hotel first for some sight seeing and walking around.. then i got hungry soon after and having my breakfast there..after a while it got bored so we continue down south for our original purpose of coming here..

The Strawberry Park

Strawberry Park

It is located at Gohtong Jaya.. when you see Hotel Seri Malaysia just take that turn at the round the bout .. just look for the sign and it's so easy to find.. the entrance is free and the area is quite big.. you went in and see Strawberry Park where you can pick your own strawberries and then there are Organic Vege Farms with cheap vegies for sale..

picking strawberry

Min picking = 100gram
100gram = Rm8

Even though they sold pre-pack for around Rm15 i rather pick it up's just fun and it's actually one kind of experience.. you feel really happy and glad for it..

After picking out our Strawberries, me and my dear bought some organic vegies..which were quite cheap.. 3 for Rm10 and we got zucchinis, salad and cherry tomatoes.. after some walking around we went to Gohtong Jaya for some lovely foods..yummy..

Anyway it's a nice day for us and a new experience to don't just go up there for theme park and take time to just chill out with the nature.. 

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