Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Murni's Cafe, Kepong

One of the quite well known eateries. The most famous one located in PJ. This is one of their branch and it's nearest to me. If you familiar to Kepong then it is in the same row as KWSP which located near Carrefour there.

Murni famous for their wide selection, price and the quantity of the food. So, there's just so much you can try here such as Asean delights, Malay Food, Western, Mamak style and much more. They also got their signature drinks such as mocktails and normal stuff with weird names. You can probably relate this cafe with Williams Corner - Kelana Jaya which i've been frequented in the past but they got no menu and bigger price tag. 

Anyway since i'm craving for Ribena Lychee i'll close my eyes to their specialty of mock tails. We went there last Sunday only for dinner. 

Mine, Ribena Lychee Rm 5

My dear, Honey Lemon Tea Rm 3 - it's not so good cause they use wrong tea for this kind of drink

I ordered Roti Daging Rm 5 

My dear, Braised Sang Mee Rm 6

Our total for the night was Rm19 only..my verdict is it's just so-so only la..

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