Monday, June 11, 2012

Star Archery Times Square

Last Thursday we went for a bit of sport. Ok, it's force too since i bought Groupon for this and it's nearly expiring. Well i wanted to try on something new and buying Groupon or any other coupons are the wise way to live..ha ha..anyway we never shoot an arrow before and it will be an awesome experience.. It was located in Fifth Floor and a bit hidden but when u saw Mc Donald, that's where you walk straight ahead. Near the bowl area as well..

We got 148 arrow to finish up and let me tell you it was quite a sweating effort. You never guess that archery need a lot of strength..sighh.. anyway they'll teach you how to shoot so don't worry and after a while you'll started to like it, if you are adventurous like me..

 see at the beginning i didn't tie my hair..ha ha

 It's getting hotter afterwards..

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