Monday, June 25, 2012

I-City Klang

Yesterday we went there after eating Japanese Buffet in Puchong. Actually we we rather lazy but i bought this Groupon and it's nearly expiry so we are forced to go. Anyway since i'm driving there's not much resistance from my dear..

We had no idea where is the I-City except knowing it's in we shoot through NKVE and follow the sign board which by the way really good. You can also pass by Shah Alam if you know the way but we don't so we just go ahead with the highway. So for direction just follow the I-City sign you'll saw along the way..

The parking fee are divided into 2..if you come in before 6 in the afternoon you'll pay only Rm1 when you pay at the pay station later on..after 6 the rate will be Rm10.. so watch out and come before 6 o'clock lah..he he ..we were lucky cause we arrived nearly around 5 o'clock. 

My coupon entitled us to dine in for free ( Nasi Lemak + Soft Drink) at Old Town in there and also going into Snow Walk.. i think that coupon cost me Rm31 only so i really feel it's worth it..for 2 person only Rm62 and there's food also by Old Town. 

It was so cold so make sure you wear jeans or pants..i'm being skeptical seeing those Chinese girl entering with shorts and skirts..i mean hell i felt cold covering up and down and they can stand wearing like that..ha ha..superb la.. preferably bring a glove..that will keep you longer inside..i forgot mine and we had to go outside 2 times and come back in- yeah you're allowed  recesses if you're too cold.. 

I played 1 games and my dear played 2..there are sliders like you see in English movie..awesome and i screamed.. i'm such a cry hu..

Anyway it was so much fun even my dear enjoyed it..i think he enjoyed it more than me..he was like not going to go out even when i complained i don't feel my feet jahat..we doesn't wait for the lights cause so tired being out the whole after the snow Walk we had our Old Town Nasi lemak and left.. 

What to wear :- 

Gloves - they sell it for Rm15 inside..totally not worth it
Socks and boots / sneakers - it's kind of slippery
Knitted cap

So there's another place to erase from my list - what my dear said to me..ha ha..thanks my dear for keeping up with me..


  1. Hi.

    Luv reading your blog about food :)
    Actually I-City located at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam.
    It's just nearby Jusco Bukit Raja.

  2. ha ha i knew it after we got lost coming back from there..and we straightly come upon Shah's really kind a funny to go on such a long way but what to do since we're not really used to Shah Alam and Klang area.. and we actually took nearly half an hour looking for way out from Shah Alam was so hilarious..


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