Monday, June 11, 2012

Seoul Garden Melaka

I really thought i posted this interesting eatery but alas i've only posted it on my Facebook..actually i've eaten twice at the Seoul Garden One Utama, KL and posted it here Seoul Garden One Utama  but i really wanted my bro to spend us eat in their branch in Melaka - Mahkota Parade. So off we went there..last 2 weeks ago..

And the verdict : I totally smitten with this place. It was a lot better than One Utama and the choices was a plenty. Much more than in KL. The only down side was the salad was not nice and it's a drawback for me since i ate the meat with hu..overall it was better than One Utama a lot..

Desert Conner - Making ABC

 Enjoying the foods

 nice prawns KL they gave the white cheap one.. they got chicken ham here..

 they got dim sum and also pau..i ate a lot of dim sum..yummy

And lastly a nice lemonad..

Erkkk..i'm totally full..and thanks bro for paying over hundred something for this..he he

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