Monday, June 18, 2012

Bbq and Steamboat Kuang, Sg Buluh

I cannot tell you how lucky we are to live in Kepong area. We are near to every major area where good eatery place was compulsory. So the places we headed to try out food is not too far until you have to burn petrol money. This time i went with my buddies to try out some Malay based Bbq Steamboat. Since we have tried one in Selayang ^^ . 

The Verdict : I think this particular place has been featured in several TV program but sadly it's not as good as it has been said. The meat was totally out since it is hard to chew but the marination was quite ok. So second time around we totally doesn't take meat. We focused on chicken and prawns.. the sauce were normal but Pojie ( my buddy) said the barbecue sauce quite nice..for me it's just normal.. but the Tom yam soup was nice.. better than usual found in buffet steamboat style place ( but not better than Ketam Village Steamboat k..that one was marvelous, really spicy ).. the vegetables were scarce, with only a selection between Sawi and Kangkung.. so i suggest Asapanas Bistro Selayang rather than here for the same price..Per head is Rm 20 here..

Want to go ? Just take a straight road - village road k- towards Sg Buluh and wait for a sign board saying Kuang. You have to take turn on the traffic light..

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