Monday, May 28, 2012

The Vanila Place, Empire Shopping Mall Subang

I've been wanting to come here seems forever after i read about their Pavlova that supposedly to be delicious. And i wanted to enjoy their English Hi-Tea Set as well..

English Hi-Tea for 2 Rm28.80 selection of Coffee( Non Refillable) & Tea( Refillable with many choices)

It's totally normal and sweet. Not really worth it for me. The only thing i enjoy were the Tea, The Strawberry with chocolate and my dear like the Carrot Cake as well..The below part were really rubbish and totally you-can-do-it-at-home-but-will-taste-better-than-this kinda things.. I do much better Bruschetta than them..duhh

Our Tea - Rose Purple or something..we try something we haven't try

Pavlova Rm9.80

The Pavlova was tasty but the outer layer was too sweet for me..i'm not a sweet tooth person regretfully and i enjoyed the cream inside so much..but to less the sweetness you have to eat it with the raspberry will tastes so much more good.. 

Black Angel Seafood with Olive Paste Rm16.80

It was my dear order and the black thing was not was herb with olive i think cause it doesn't taste spicy at all..but the taste was nice nonetheless.. the portion was so-so but the seafood was meager..

Overall this was my Saturday afternoon Hi-Tea at The Vanilla Place which after so much persuasion for my dear to bring me here turns out to be a disappointment. But not a major one since the shopping complex is so nice and there's a lot of places to eat inside also..Maybe we'll come back and try on some other tenants here..

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