Monday, May 7, 2012

Sopoong, Berjaya Times Square

Yesterday went to Berjaya Times Square again ( for me la).But this time it's solely for the purpose of cari makan..i've never been to the lower ground floor and i really don't know there's a lot of place to eat here. Usually i only come for shopping and eat elsewhere..since we parked the car below so we are fortunate to stumble upon these dining area..after a brief walk we choose to eat Korean Food..

i'm pretty lazy to turn it around..duhh

whilst waiting for our food

 Kimchi Jjigye Rm14.90 

I loves this..i kept on spooning the soup since it's hot and spicy..really nice..

Bibimbab + Gyeranjjim soup and also wheat tea Rm17.50

I took this set and it's worth it..there was still soup that i did not captured here..most right one was egg in a hot plate. It's a bit salty and this the taste was so so only..

Kimbab Rm7.50..sort of Korean Sushi..nice..

Our bill for that day was Rm49.28 inclusive was pleasant feeling dining here  and i think i'll come back to try on different dishes next time since i'm a big fan of Kimchi.. and the waiter/ waitress were really nice too.. thumbs up for that ...yeay..

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