Friday, May 25, 2012

Ours Cafe, Sri Damansara - Red Velvet Cake

Well since it's the coolest place to hang out in Sri Damansara i often came here nowadays. But relatively speaking i'm a big eater so i only come here when i'm not too hungry since the price rather expensive and the portion rather small.

Well this time i want to introduce you to their Red Velvet Cake priced at Rm6 per slices. They sell their cake at Rm60 per 1kg..any kind if i'm not mistaken.. i love it cause it's not too sweet and not too sloshy with cream. It's cream cheese actually and i loved it..even my dear said it's nice..

Red Velvet Cake Rm 6

Then this platter was ordered when i go and eat lunch with my colleague.. It's nice and the taste were good also..

 Ours Platter Rm 15

Overall if you're near Bandar Sri Damansara and looking for a place to hang out believe me this is the place to be. They have English Tea time at 4p.m to 6p.m daily i think..where you only pay Rm20 for it.There are cakes, sandwiches, scones and tea.. I'm not sure whether the cake inclusive or not..It's owned by a lovely Malay lady and she's so nice.. 

Direction : First Floor on the corner lot in a same row as Group Base..below it was the big biker workshop and the carwash.

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