Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cell phone Novel

Hi guys..Recently I'm more into reading manga than Like kids I know..but I like to read and learn about lots of stuff that differentiate our culture and nation. Some may say reading fiction, novels, romance and manga useless since its not reality but for me we learn a lot about daily life of other people in different state of situation. When I read one of the manga, I learn about this craze they have in Japan call cell phone novel. I google (always do this for something interesting in my reading) it out thinking maybe its just a figment of the author but turns out its exist..
Its a platform for new author to get their creativity out there and some of it even got the opportunity to be published and made into anime, drama series or movies.
See, this is some example things you can learn and made aware of when you read. Even if it was from a manga..hehe/ teheee/lol( apparently other country who read my hehe don't understand what it stands for)..
So, check this website for some shot of cell phone novel.. Hehe.. 

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