Friday, November 20, 2015

Lunch Buffet at Kitchen Art Empire Subang

Every year our boss will treat us for lunch in honor for his birthday. For few years we have been having it at Cinnamon of One World Hotel. Since the buffet have been getting boring over there I suggested that we go and try new place instead. Since Subang consider quite near we choose Kitchen Art.
I pmed them on FB and asked what their buffet theme was and got a replied of International Buffet style. Sadly that's not the exact thing we got from them. The choices were poor and we manage to grab everything worth at one go. Their menu consist of local dishes and its also severely a limited choice.
I am totally bumped coz its my suggestion in a first place and we end up in this lurched. Cinnamon was way better than Kitchens Art hundred folds. Their menu that day consist of rice, fish, salads, chewy lamb, few dishes and mee station. Not even sate, sushi or other western dishes on sight.
So we totally won't go there anymore next time. I didn't expect it to be better than Cinnamon since the price range is different but not expect it to be that kind of worse either. There's nothing interesting at all and felt like being cheated since where in hell is this fit into international. Really not a worth buffet.

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