Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bob Republic Menjalara

Last week we manage to sneak a bit of time trying this western style kitchen. Since its nearby our house and the review is quite good so we embark on this epic journey of uncertainty.. Hehe..drama much!

OK, so we actually have no idea where the location of this restaurant and use Waze instead. Kinda funny coz Menjalara is the  place where we often go for makan time. So get this for who live nearby but no idea where the heck of this place. Its in a housing area in front of the big mosque and beside the Sekolah Men Agama Kuala Lumpur. There's a guard post when you want to enter the housing area but they won't stop you from going in. I think people who knew this area would get the idea where is it already kan. Go inside after the guard post and take ur left and go straight until you see shop lot. Its actually a stall in front of a mamak shop call Spicy Kitchen. I think people got confuse why need to Waze Spicy Kitchen instead of this Bob..hehe

The price are quite cheap for western food. There's spaghetti for Rm6 and we tried their chicken wings with peri sauce for Rm5. There's 2 pcs cut into 2 wings which quite small and taste spicy. We also tried the rib coz they gave only one pc  along with a bit of nachos for Rm16 if I'm not wrong.. The taste was near to Tony Roma's but not quite there yet. But it won't make you full coz the portion was small. I also order their coney dog priced at Rm7. Overall the prices are affordable but some of it has small portion. Maybe its better to order its burger if you want something fulfilling.

Either way its a must try for people who looking for halal food near Kepong area.

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