Thursday, October 1, 2015

Time for Change

There's a lot of things changing. My former post on foods and does my opinion. Lots of the restaurant change prices as well as the quality of food. So for me if you're looking at information regarding food and prices..please don't base it on past years experience..

It just ain't relevant anymore..the prices has gone up. Some of the restaurant also has close their shop. I remember just last month we went to eat at Luk Yu in Star Hill Gallery and i found it not worth the money paid. I rather have dim sum from elsewhere when i compare the price we have to pay.

Likewise eating at Sushi Mentai, Menjalara. Yeah it's still worth the save but after the gst implemented it seems that Japanese Buffet at Umai-Ya would be better.

I guess that's why i have not updated on my makan sutra in such a long time. Nowadays with 2 babies we just cooked it at house. Its rather cheaper and we both (especially me hubby) like cooking. So we tend to eat lamb, Salmon and spaghetti's at house. We made our own salad and mashed potato and its just so good and low blow to our pocket as well.

We just ate out for food like Japanese and Chinese dishes only..

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