Friday, May 15, 2015

New Year, New Beginning - My rambling

Wowza! I'm totally off the scene from blogging for a whole lotta year.. guess i'm in no mood while nesting my second child for the past 9 months before. Since then i've eat a lot and went around trying new restaurants.

Just the other week we went on makan time at Mid Valley Megamall. Trying mall's food while walking around the whole shopping mall. Considering my husband distaste of mall walking, he quite happy this time since we were on eating excursion. I post a lot to Instagram since its easier as my medium of kepochi while not bothering people/friends. Facebook are full of opinions to post out so many pictures of you having fun. Like it ever is their business. Just enjoy others experience and shut the hell up la if nothing good you want to say.

I can't say i'm mean jealous when i saw my friends posting all their lovelies pictures overseas, eateries or presents..i'm happy jealous and i'm excited to see all those pictures and memories they made..unless la they posted some obnoxious words along with the pictures..than i'm sure as hell wasn't jealous..just pity them wanting all the attention ;)

Gosh i got so many thing on my mind that i want to share, say and write.. it is after all my blog where i let loose of my wild ideas and it doesn't really matter to me who read this rubbish i posted out. It's just a satisfaction itself that i got to keep my mind alive online and have memories made here. So, i guess i'll make awesome memories of my mind in writing here...

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