Monday, November 18, 2013

Seoul Garden at KL Festival City Mall

On Saturday my dear asked me where i want to go for lunch since he wanted to spend me. He suggest we eat at Seoul Garden since it has been long time we didn't eat those barbecue. Since he knew i love those wrapped barbecue beef in vegie style. Since it's already lunch time so i didn't want to go to One Utama even though it's the nearest and opted for KL Festival instead. Cause i think there will be less person there. 

So we went and he pay around Rm78 something for both of us. 

The verdict : I think i'll quit going to Seoul Garden cause the quality has deteriorated a lot. I think the beef was low quality since it's hard to chew on. There also not a lot of variety. Only 2 style of marinated beef which is with curry powder i think ( i hate it) and the other one black pepper (okla). Then other stuff just chicken, prawns - normal white type, and my dear took squid. I saw some cockles and ect ect la. Melaka Seoul Garden was the best that i've been to and that was last year i think. This year don know la since they like to change kan..

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