Friday, November 8, 2013

Cheap Spectacles at Sungei Wang

I don't mind buying cheap stuff as long as it's worth it. My cheap spectacles which i've used almost 2 years has been a history after my mom step on it..anyway it's time already la to make new one. On Wednesday nite after work my dear and i went to Sungei Wang to do my spec.

Mine just Rm88 with my lens' power not increase pun only i got some aversion to light around 70. My lens power around 200 and another one 325. They also got Rm68 value set ( spec + lens) and Rm138 for 2 pieces of spectacles. Just choose from their display. They even got not the plastic type but i like the nerdy frame better.Another bonus is they can do your spec around 1 hour time. I think mine less than that.

So where to head for this awesome deal...

There's so many store on G Floor. Just pick one. I always do it at ...

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