Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Golden Palm Tree & Resort Sepang + Morib

Last weekend i had 4 days mandatory leave. Actually just one..he he..on Monday cause Tuesday a public holiday so my boss said sau kong la.. tutup we get direct 4 days holiday. On Saturday we went for shopping, then Sunday ate with my mother in law and then going back to her house for some chit chat. After that we also went for some durians at Kepong. Yummy. Then on Monday we went to Bagan Lalang and Morib.

I never been to both place except for LCCT /KLIA and my friend's wedding around Sepang only. Bagan Lalang is like further up and kinda far away from Sepang. It's where the beach is and truthfully it's an awful beach. The seaside seems muddy and the water just kill buzz. But there got tons of activities here to entertain guest like go-kart, mini golf and ect ect.. but if you're looking for beach just go for Port Dickson lah - the nearest for KL. Even when the room are above water it's just not pretty enough to be satisfied. Beach should be where you can bath nicely - like our honeymoon to Pangkor or Port Dickson also quite nice. 

Morib well it's almost as bad as Sepang's seaside. So we just jalan-jalan makan angin jela.. 

Then yesterday afternoon we went to Cheras to meet Uncle Philip at Uncle Alan's Wantan Mee place. Overall i had a full weekend/holiday.. 

P/s : the best fruit rojak i know in front of Public Bank Kepong no more already ker..2 times we go also no trace of that guy..really disappointed hu

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