Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dip Dip, Hotdog & Popilla

Weekend always makes me happy. makes everyone happy i bet. Last last weekend i went out with my bff's for a fun day at KL Festival City Mall for some Ketam Village steamboat. I just loves it's spicy-ness and everything. If you crave for good steamboat then it's the place to visit lor ^^

Last weekend they came over to my area here in Damansara and we went for The Curve. It's simple why i always choose The Curve other than One Utama. First, parking here is easy if you get here before 12 noon. There's a lot of parking and you don't have to turn and turn to get one. Secondly, there's so many place you can be, so many things you can eat and i just love street shopping which they have here as well. 'Nough said right!

So, Zura wanted to try Dip Dip..the place which you can eat something dipping in chocolate fountain. For me i'm not too thrill about it. You can just imagine how it's going to cost and i'm not a fan of wasting money on something you can get cheaper elsewhere. 

But then we need to give the craving mommy to be what she wants la..he he..the price like i thought was over the top and ridiculous. The cheapest water is Spring water ( elegant name for mineral la) Rm2.50. They don't even give me glass for that. And guess what..i ask him to take it for me. I will not let people bully me when i paid a damn Rm2.50 for a bottle of mineral water. That's for sure. Then we just order 4 in a stick ( you can choose only one fruit..yada yada yada) and marshmallow in a mug ( this was awesome cause they got crispy rice inside the chocolate).. Overall for eating that much we paid Rm30.30.. totally once in a lifetime for me. I rather go eat Haagen Daz.. 

Next we went to IKEA and while we're window shopping we ate at Popilla. Mexican wannabe food booth. The price was cheap & reasonable. We went for Taco set A which consist of 2 tacos + juice. Then add another Taco. The taste... i don't like it. It's just not tasty enough for me..Our total here was Rm15.80 for 3 people.

Then we walk again and we stop to eat hotdogs..yeah..i go for Rm 3 set which consist of mineral water + 1 hotdog. My 2 bff's took Rm 5 combo which consist of 1 hotdog + 1 curry puff + 1 ice cream + 1 water..It's actually really worth it. 

And there's our journey for that Saturday. Full stomach and full of laughter as well as fun.. 

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