Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Solstice or Dong Zhi Festival

It falls on 21st Dec 2012 this year. I remember last year i rolled the Tong Yuen myself. Plain with nothing in it but in lovely 3 colours. Pink, white and green. It's the first time i ever tried and do Tong Yuen plus the ginger soup. I doesn't even know what it's should taste before i do that. This year cause it falls on Friday and since i've known what to expect i am much more confident in making it.

But like i said it's Friday..working day and thus i resulted to buying the froze type tong yuen. But of course i had to make the soup myself and to dunk the tong yuen in hot water as well. But in the end it's all worth it the effort of making it. My dear likes it and i'm happy for him. He can count on me for his tong yuen and maybe next year we do it from scratch. That ought ta be fun..

Anyway it's just fun having differ culture and seeing everyone celebrated it in Malaysia. And we're joining the fun no matter what's our race. I guess it should always be like that since we live in multi cultural country.

So i might be late but Happy Dong Zhi festival everyone..let ur heart feels the love and let your mouth speak it out.. life is short, family is comfort and happiness doesn't come expensive..

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