Monday, December 3, 2012

Tony Roma's Double Ribs Combo

Yesterday we were having lunch at Tony Roma's The Curve. We were so full even though we shared one dish. I just have this urged to eat their ribs and it's wonderfully tasty to me.

I saw this new stuff, Lamb ribs and i want to try it..last time we went to eat the ribs at One Mont Kiara but this time we went to The Curve which actually really near to us. After walking around the street market a bit then we went for lunch.

We ordered bottomless juice.. each Rm8.90.. mine : Orange Juice, dear : Pineapple ( yucks)..

I tell you i loved this bread and the butter so much..

Then we got the Combo Beef Ribs + Lamb Ribs + 2 side orders ( we choose mash potatoes n french fries) = Rm69.90

It was superb i tell you. I think this outlet served deliciously from Mont Kiara one.

I was like licking the ribs and hold it with my fingers.. the plum sauce was so good.. you should really try the Lamb ribs when you come here.. and this combo really make us full..we have previous  experience and we knew one dish enough already for both of us and believe me that my dear really have healthy appetite..

For that combo you'll get 2 beef ribs and 1 lamb ribs..

Overall bill ( i'm paying since on Saturday my dear already belanja me buffet lunch for Japanese food which awesome as usual and expensive..he he) was Rm 101.70.. their service is so nice they even gave us mentos and came to refill our drink twice.. in Mont Kiara they just ignored you.. bastards!!

Anyway i lovess Tony Roma's ;)

P/s : save ur receipt and enter a survey on Tony Roma's website and get Rm10 discounts on your next visit.. 

And my dear belanja me ice cream for desserts..yeay..

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