Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dating Day : Mon't Kiara

Well it's been a while since we last been here..last time we went here to get a bite at Tony Roma's only.. just been back from our dating date there. We actually went here for the street market. I can tell you it's not happening any longer. Last week we went to The Curve street market and the same situation over there.. Just only a double row in the middle of the curve street. No more lotsa lotsa of stuff selling there. I think they just went ahead with much cheaper venue such as Jaya One and so on..

So, we went to Mon't Kiara and the street market was more pathetic than The Curve one. We just head on to Subway for sandwiches and then to One  Mon't Kiara which by the way much more happening than outside. A little bit shopping and here we are at CC waiting for someone to finish up doing something so that we can meet up and yam cha..

 New places every week for our dating day and lots of activities together.. such a small comfort and a warm feelings.. so ciao for now cause i still got to enjoy my day today ;)

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