Friday, December 14, 2012

Thai Style Tofu Recipe - My All time cravings

I craved this food a lot and my dear has been making it for me twice. First i tasted it at Bird's Restaurant,Menjalara and i really like it. But you know la eating out so expensive and you can do it yourself as it is so simple.. this time my dear do so elaborately la for me..

Buy white Tofu - tahu putih, and chop it into small square pieces..

Then deep fried it in hot oil.. don't put too much in one go..for crispy feeling fry it twice.. 

Then you just need to chop some onions - the Indian red one k.. and if u like cucumber and some chillis also can..

Buy Thai sauce in the supermarket..not the thick maggi type..  the small bottle sauce type and pour is so easy and so cheap if you do this yourself..

Tofu - ikut suka nak berapa
Onions - i biji cukup la
Thai sauce

Basically that's it..other stuff just optional really.. and if you got the right sauce it will be as tasty as eating at the restaurant ;) 

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