Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Zoo Negara

Last Sunday me and my bf went to Zoo Negara. It situated in Ulu Klang and the entrance can be seen from the main road. You can either take taxi or buses. No need to worry for the ride home because there's a lot of taxi standing by inside the zoo itself.

Click here for map and other details.

Our visit can be said in the middle of satisfaction. We're happy cause we can spend time together and sweating but we're not pleased on the Zoo condition. The entrance fee is one thing, really unreasonable. We've made to choose between Rm15 or RM20. Suppose to be the RM20 is for the whole entering fees la.
We take the Rm20 fees but got really disappointed. We just wasting our money because there's nothing to see in the insect section ( got entrance fees). The butterfly cage is out of order, so why we pay more for nothing ( just get to see all the insects' mummy).

A few cages and spots were empty and stated under construction. Even the outside aquarium were green in colour ( yucks )!!

I'm not being negative but we surely pay for it. And a lot of foreign visitors will come and visit. Why not maintain and attract more people rather than sending them away.

Oh yeah the parking fees for car is RM4. More expensive than going to One Utama =) and bring your own food and water cause here it's expensive. Just imagine my bf bought Ribena in the medium size bottle cost him RM 5. The same one you can buy outside less than RM2. Ice cream which in Giant you can get for 99 cents here cost almost triple. Luckily we ate our breakfast outside that day =)

If you like to sweat and taking time walking and you're so fucking rich, you can come here and enjoy with whole family. But be prepared cause i warned you =0!!!!!

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