Friday, August 7, 2009

My Bos, Bos

Well just finish meeting and a lot of accuses, not bad but well it will slightly damage ones relationship and appearance( ha ha me la tu! )

I'm not saying he's wrong or what but respectively he just seeing all these commotion from outsider perspective which do not involved in the whole situation. Like a man who sit outside the circle of men holding hands and only get to see all these people's clothes, not what's inside. When that happened you might get it wrong wether they are protecting something or just playing around.

But "nah, it's always ok for me for others to speak up their opinion on me. Even when i know it's not true, i'll know what their perception on me and it will make me more cautious. On the person and also the situation i've gotten into".

I think people should take time to listen and be natural. Wipe out all perceptions and wear that person'shoes, who you trying to judge and experience what she's experiencing.
And even so don't touch on our life outside the works because it's ours not yours. Even if others commented on us and our lifestyle we knew it better and they are no better than us.
So, judge us as soon as we step on the stairs of the company..AND never said you don't want to speak how our private life shadowed our works and get on with other stuff that not related to our life..because "duh, you already mention it"

Cheerioss =0

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