Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twilight Series

I bet some of you seen the Movie but haven't read the books. Well, i can tell you there's a big different from your reading and seeing movies. I like both but hated when the stories got so much different in it.

For me the first Twilight movie was a bit disappoinment ( u'll agree with me if u read the books) . Well unfortunately i read all the books already. It was great and romantic and really really nice. I like the stories so much and the feeling i got from it. You can actually feel the sensation of loving somebody from the stories and you'll hope you got Edward as 'ur BF =).

But the movies just so off the tune. You see how they keep playing those music when they deep in their feelings. Really not touchy and stupid. They don't actually act well also. According to the book Bella should be a clumsy girl
(important point of whole stories) and yet i don't see it in the movie. Just a few miss steps with no right emotion from the actress..and don't think i'm bias but the actor also not that good =( huh. Total disappointment. The only original and remembered thing are the " So, the lion fell in love with the lamb thing" which actually makes it nearer to the books dialogue.

If you really are a fan the read the books and enjoy the feelings. The movies just giving you the insight environment of what's it looks like real( for those who lack imagination). But the books, totally awesome. Same like "Harry Potter" and "Da Vinci Code".

And i'm quite curious on the next sequel "New Moon" would be. Because Edward will be not in sight most of the times until the nearly ends. Maybe i could give another critic for the next movie..

Just go grab the books now =) and feel the passion of the lovers.

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