Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Political and Moral Values

Well, it's not our country political that i wanted to discuss, for sure!! ( u're smiling =) so cute, u got what i meant don't u). Yup, politic occur everyday in our lives. At work, studies or even at home with family members. Usually, the richer you are the more powerful and influential( did i spell it correctly ?? ) you will be.

As a family member the same rule applied, the more you give ang pau when Raya come the more respect you get. You will be the one who "goyang kaki" and do nothing whereas one person who really sincere, helping and doing everything he could but poor will mean nothing in the eyes of others ( not for my family, mom treat us equally =0 , i get smack when i'm stealing the bones).

But family knows us inside out. Outsider don't. Politic at works really sucks. Some talented person with zero in communication will be kick off immediately by un talented person which superb in manipulative the environment, got their score and higher chair as it goes. It just natural that people will make their perception on the outside and just so few people will appreciate what's hidden.

When the times goes by morality is loosing it's value and soon forgotten because lust for power overwhelm throne. Bla, bla, bla...

U get what i mean. Why not share ur hell of the day with me!!! Nice to know there's someone in the same category as i am..

Whatevr =)

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