Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What i'm offering..

Well at the time my blog was made up i was after that so busy. So it went and left blankly. Now i got a bit time in my hand i'll use it wisely..

it's surely damn busy this time of the year. Not that i'm all keen to all this nonsense stuff but you know la life and work. Never been easy. I've learn it like old lady seem i've been out to work earlier than peers of my year. 

Yup according to the chinese this year is my year of their zodiac( easy guess for my age) and i hope it will bring prosperous joy and wealth to me yada yada yada. Nough said la. 
So i'm going to featured a lot in my life here like my work, motivation and bits of me. Like all of you care is it..

Daily update should be hard but maybe 2 or 3 days the least la and oh minus the holiday k.
love to be inspirational and yet humble is what made most out of me. So stay tune for this lovely updo straight from KL the city of everything( i mean it) =) =)


  1. hey lisa..keep it up!!!
    luv ur much info can get here..i'm waiting ur life story..plz update in ur blog.

  2. hey thanks for my first very comment..that's just so sweet of you..
    i'll keep update even though i'm soooo busy..

    luv yeah


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