Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well i just read(part of my job) one motivational book title Law of Attraction and even though it's just hard to swallow at once(phew it's not thick thank god) i had to finish reading it.

Well you just really lucky cause you can all read from me the sums up from it(quite boring to read). It's really what you call it hah things that you think but not sure.

It's telling you that vibes you let go from yourself is vital to your surrounding. Means that if in the morning you wake up feeling happy, excited and all jolly so your whole day going to be no more than more merrier than you already are. Like get lucky la for the whole day.

So people let the good vibes out once you step out from your bed and who knows what might come to yeah..

Want to know more about this book just leave comment to me or your email(whatsoever la)

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