Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our Worst Enemy

It is said that there are three worst enemies to success.

1. Lazy
2. Too much worry
3. Loosing self awareness

When we are lazy we often missed our great chances. Have you ever thought that every single act of the day lead to somewhere. I mean like when you giving a dollar to a beggar have you ever think how far that dollar would travel afterwards. From the beggar it should goes to shopper when he bought something that the shopper might use the money to buy supplies and the money soon became a part of a bigger investment that make our country growth. It's just at first a dollar which we gave to a beggar =)

Then came the worryness that never ending. It will close our oppurtunities for glory cause everytime we want to do something we will be afraid of loosing and the risk taken. You have to remember that in the end everything that you worried will be nothing. It always does. In the end you still live and wonder why do i took such an effort and a great length of time to be worried for nothing in the end. And thus it has taken me aback and loose many fine oppurtunity for me..wonder why =)

Lastly self awareness. Well it is as important of any other. If you loose yourself then who you are to begin with. Thinking always make the different in your glory and success. It would make you different from any other person who never think in whatever they do. Yeah success will sometimes come to them but it will not last.

So have yourself, kick away the worryness and make your body move on to gain wealth, success and glory.

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