Friday, January 30, 2009

Person Who Love You

Just take a couple of minutes to read these k..

He never can give you any reason why he love and cherish you. He would never hope you will return back all his love because he only know that in his eyes and inside his heart only has you and only you.

Even when you already have special someone he didn't care. For him your happiness is everything even when you don't know he love you and been protecting you in silent.

Person who loves you always accept who you are as you are. In his eyes or his heart you always been the best even when you feel you are not that lovely(plus got big butt!!) to be love by someone so cute and nice. Remember heart and sincerity is all that matters and he loves you because of that.

Person who love you always want to know what you've been up to(not in the annoying and control freak kind of way la)the whole day, he just want to care and tell you he is just one call away if you need his help.

Sms to care for me
Miss call if you miss me
Call if you love me

It's just the way to say your heart in a different kind of way so try it. It will definitely show how much you care, thinking of your loves one and loving them.

If you are having your birthday and didn't invite him to your celebration he will still sms or call you to wish for it.

Person who loves you remember important incident that happen between you both and maybe yourself doesn't even remember(calling yourself a lover ah like that) because he cherish that moment even when you think that he always neglected certain times when both of you together.

Person who loves you always remember every important words( not important not count la,think they are pen drive ah) you told them which you yourself already forget(ha ha too much things has been said la) and have no idea(i know you pretend to remember when they brought those words up right) about it.

Person who love you will learn about what you like for example your favorite songs or maybe what's your most hated things. Even when he cannot cope with you he will not do something you don't like and share what best for both of you.

When you sick he will accompany you to see doctor, buy you a porridge(Mc Donalds) when you stuck alone at house and will call and sms you every two hours to ask how are you doing and do you want any fries afterwards =) because he worried about you and care. When you sick he'll feel sick too.

When you'll going for an exam(for those who still study) he will send sms or call to wish you good luck and give stupid advises to calm you down and to give you strength.

Person who love you will give you something that he feel most valuable to him even though you think it's nothing special( like his sweat shirt,awww) to show you he willing to give the best for you.

When you talk he will listen and then give opinion to what you said. You also we do the same to him cause both of you already understand and care each other better as a couple.

Person who love you always want to be near you and never get tired of being with you even when both of you not doing anything and no conversation took place. He just feel his world were full once you are near him.

When you are outside his view(balik kg ler-went back hometown) he always ask you to take care yourself and always think of him. He will call you or ask you to call him when you reach there and sometimes even buy you chocolate and sweets to eat in the bus =)

Person who love you will act more like relative/sibling more than like a lover. Sometimes you even think he/she acting like your brother/mother. Deep down it makes you really warm and comfy..

Person who love you always acting like moron such as miss call you seventeen times a day or sending you sms in the middle of the night(you already told him you want to sleep earlier) just to say hi. But those nuts just thinking of you and just wanted your attention and smile.

Person who love you sometimes makes you scratch your head with their impossible attitude but don't get mad, sometimes she just want to show you she loves you even when she's mad and how much she misses you. She will definitely not going to do it again if you said you don't like her actions.

If one day you ask him to teach you how to drive a car he will teach you(unless he feels like killing you because your engine keep dying) with patient even you are the stupidest-not-even-want-to-listen-moron. He will be happy(who's this stupid fella huh) no matter how hard you turn the car upside down.

When you spying his handphone(don't say you never do it you liar!!) you will see almost all the capacity of the inbox got your name written. Oh so sweet he still keep my messages even the dumb one..

She who loves you never force you to give her reasons for your actions even when she really wants to know it because she don't want you to feel guilty or stress with thinking of it. When you ask her to disappear she will go without blaming you because she really believe in love and understand how it should goes...

P/S : If you a he please replace the words he with she k(unless you otherwise-no comment !!)

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