Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Me on Being A Person

I pledge to "Never Judge a Person Before You Knew Them" but sometimes you're the very person being judged. I know it sound so cliché but even real live can resemble television drama. Sometimes when i watch those Hong Kong Family dramas i was like arghh, urghh..why they don't just do that or do this but when it comes to real lives you knew you would let it be like that as well.  It's seems like total drama but real life sucks more than that. 

Sometimes i hope i can be an actor with scripts so that i have more guts to make different in life. In the end i'm not and i'm just hoping that people doesn't get me wrong. Cause it's easy to form an opinion about someone you hasn't met and think the worst about that person. 

But when you get to know me better you'll have the good person i am along with other benefits..ha ha seems like i'm promoting myself. It's just i'm tired of thinking like i've been tainted with darts and my judgement has passed. Now i'm the convicted felony and 100% the bad guy. 

Anyway whoever thinks i'm a bad story must be nuts. I have couples of idiots who would vouch that i'm the best thing in their lives ( ha ha totally perasan). But then people can think whatever they want and i cannot stop them also. So, i'll just go on with my wonderful life and pray they want to be in it as well.. 

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