Monday, February 25, 2013

Last Day of Chinese New Year

Yesterday we go out to eat after went back from Melaka for the last day of Chinese New Year. So fast time flew. If Hari Raya we will celebrate it for a month. Anyway we went back house first, put our stuff and see tv and then a reruns of Singapore food whatever was on air on AFC. And they showed Chilli Crab. Well as we both prone to be manipulated by food programs so we decide to eat Crab for our Chap Goh Mei's dinner. We went out around 5 something and looking for a Crab speciality restaurant and found it. Luckily we were early cause after our food arrive, people start arriving for dinner also and the place gotten really pack.

Anyway these were our dinner for Chap Goh Mei and it's super tasty. I especially like the Mantao and the Crab as well. Like usual we drank Chinese tea and just enjoyed our serene and best dinner. And since it's just raining the ambience was really wonderful..

Just glad that we got there early and got the nicest food..yummeh ;)

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