Saturday, February 2, 2013

Peanut Cookies for Chinese New Year

I don't really like peanut cookies. Not because of acne - i never got them- but just don't. But it's sort of traditional cookies for the new year so i'm embracing the culture. Last nite i tried recipe using margerine but sadly back fired.. so just don't use that kind of recipe..

This morning i'm using recipe using oil..

ok i'm not the weighting type of person when it comes to baking. For me either using ratios or using my guts. This time using ratios and cups. 

1 cup of flour
1 cup of peanuts chunks( fry without oil and get rid of their skins and then blender it to fine chunks)
1/2 cup of sugar ( i don't have icing sugar so i blender normal sugar)
Oil ( i'm just using normal minyak masak buruh - better to use Mazola, Corn or other also)
Egg yolk for cookies slather
Pinch of salt

So just mix flour, peanut and sugar. Then use the oil to make a doh. Until you can actually make tiny bits of the round ball. 

Then slather egg yolk before you put the cookies in the oven. I'm using 180 celcius with 15 minutes times frame. There you go. I think it's a decent peanut cookies and it's really easy to make as well..

P.s : I've given some to my dear's friends and uncle and they said it's tasty but the nuts needs to be fine grind. Mine got a bits of chunks so not so smooth/melt in the mouth ;) so there's the lesson learnt for my next batch of cookies..

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