Thursday, June 2, 2011

Poems or My Heart's Voice

Last time during my Uni years i always wrote poems or specifically my heart's voice. That time i even wrote song for my bester buddy. But time come and go and sadly so did people. But then she reminded me who am i during that time and how free am i in expressing my feelings. Sometimes i just hope life is just as easy when you are still young and bare no responsibility. But then with responsibility we gets wiser and happier intact cause we are part of something and we are worth something also. So, to my friend thanks for the memory and reminder of who am i and who i can be.. which is better in time i hope.. xoxo gurl..

You're my sunshine after the rain 
The purest things in my feeling and dream
When i lose you i feel the pain 
And my heart never feels the same

You guide me through mischief and games
Through happiness and through everything
Never once we lose our footing 
We challenge the world with our own feeling 

But years gone by we are miles apart
And still you’re safe in my heart

A special place I save for you
Never will fade never will lost
Cause heart knows best
And I like to keep you there safe

Forever and always..

Hmm it might be a wee bit off but i am happy with my feelings.. May you forever be happy my friend no matter where you are and what you do =)

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