Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Emotionally ME???

Everyone get this vibes. Not only for mentally unstable sat luin ( hmm putus cinta / broke up) person but normal people with high intensity of ignorance also will sometimes caught on it. Emotions are what makes us human attractive to alien out there ( V / Superman / Ultraman – hey he protect mankind what / Fringe & ect ect la) and sometimes it also so dangerous it destroy life and bring pain everywhere.

If you ever bring your brain to read Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter Series you stumbled upon quotes by Acheron ( Ash) ,"Just because you can doesn't mean you should." It’s really meaningful and can give you light to a lot of things you taken for granted.  Sometimes just because she stays with you doesn’t mean she can’t left you.. someday she might, when she think you really are not worth it. Man should beware of this fact. My emotions are really blank sometimes. And I prefer it that way cause less emotions means you’ll get disappointed even lesser.

Keys to be happy and forgot moron ever existed!! Here it is my grenade ..

1)      It may help to not thinking about something not fun that would cost us our pathetic tiny little time in this world and sometimes it’s what I hold on to. I don’t want my life to be unhappy just because someone didn’t like me much or because someone doesn’t think I’m cute enough or because they think they so above other people. That’s just make me want to vomit all over again ( literally cause I am sick now- yup really sick, man!! Told u it’s literal) and jump over a bridge ( not literally ok ).

2)    Emotions are good things. It differ you from scumbags , animals ( this one I’m a bit skeptic – does animal have no feeling ?? )  and aliens ( ya ya it’s correct). You just have to learn to control certain death mode feeling like sadness, angry, loneliness and revenge whereas you let loose feelings that make you feel better as human such as happiness, kindness and curiosity. Why not when you sad try to smile, when you angry try to breathe deep and when you feel lonely get out of your house and take a walk outside. Moping is not attractive and certainly doesn’t get you anywhere.

3)      Make Up!! Certainly to bright up your mood and to use your time fully. When I’m sad and lonely I’ll do this routine. Clean up my face, use the mask the scrub and then I’ll rest my face up. Then I’ll put make up and nice dress and click click!! Nice pictures coming out and my mood also lift up already.. and you can always call up friends and go out after that J 

4)      Make yourself busy. I have tried a lots of things when I’m sad and emotionally unstable and let me tell you I am such a lazy person that when I’m sad that I’ll just stay in my room and gets more miserable than it should be. Sometimes it’s just a small problem or guys problem mainly ( ha ha) and I will like checking on my phone for every subsequent 10 min or should I say 5 and I become much more angrier and disappointed each time. I’ll started to sms that person and will ultimately choose rude words to express my unsatisfactory emotions. It’s not good not only for me but also with that person since I’ve been known to be such a polite person even though I’m quite tempered. It’s just a moment of foolishness and sometimes that 1 small act can leads to total annihilation. So, my advise make yourself busy when you had that murderess feeling for someone and toss your phone out of reach until you calm down and see reasons. And now I just think that the person doesn’t deserve my conscience of getting angry cause it’s so not worth it.

5)      Learn to give up. This one thing is the hardest one for me and a lot of women I guess. Because we really need that person even though we knew he just bad for our health. I think he compliment me in every ways. But the truth is sometimes he also annoys me a hell lot. In every situation I am better off without him and part of me knows that but the other part I can’t resist the care he shows for me sometimes. It’s hard for me to forget and I even forgive him on a lot of mistakes that shouldn’t be forgive and forget.  Slowly now I’m trying to give up the dreams of being together and be happy because even how I fight for my love, I can’t really feel the happiness anymore because my fight is just one sided. So what if I get him back, what’s left already.. trust, loyalty or love. Just resentment and sometimes revenge. We also fight a lot and I really think if there’s no more happiness I should just give up in this relationship. Since when we fall on both feet in relationship to gain happiness and solace so now I learn to give up bit by bit and just want to moves on and find other bees..ha ha 

6)      Man and woman are different. I always feel man are pain to my b*** since they see problems differently from us. As an example, if there’s problem occur they will keep it to themselves and when the problems getting bigger and harder to control only he will tell us. What for man!! And one more classic behavior of men are, they always run away!! He said he loves me and need me but I don’t see any sms or calls from him to make me feel like an important person. So they really just good on talking but pretty clueless on feelings and what they should do..

7)      Moves on in silent. If you want to leave just leave.. 

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