Thursday, September 24, 2009

Balik Kg Tragedy

I really felt like crying during last week Balik Kampung. In fact i saw one girl cried sitting on the staircase near the jejantas at Bukit Jalil. Yup, i'm on my way back to the south, Melaka to be exact.

But i'm just so freakin' angry also that day. On Thursday 17 Sept, my bus time is 7.30pm. I'm working but i take leave early at around 2pm. Yeah i'm quite scared it will be jam and i got a lot of luggage so i'm sort of forcing my BF to drive me there. How can you walk so far from the LRT station up there in Bukit Jalil Stadium to the parking lot with so many bags. There's a lot of stairs also la. Someone must have lost their mind to put the stop there for the buses and who can blame them when they parade themself in luxury cars and never take the public transport for Hari Raya and yeah they got escorts for jam. Lucky them....

But my fate seems much worse than i feared. It started to rain. Heavily i say. You might say i'm lucky because i'm with my BF but damn them. The traffic got really heavy with 2 lanes only. On your left you could see peoples dragging their heavy beg to the bus station from the LRT station. And shivering in cold wet rain. What could they do, they can't hold umbrella with those heavy loads.

I myself was a bit skeptical about the rain. And when we get near to the station we can't get in. Yup, the car just get as far as the main road. The guards didn't allow my BF to drop me inside because they stupidly think we will not budge and cause jam inside the bus station. And guess what i have to dragged my beg in the rain. And i have to stay put at the Jejantas there standing for around half an hour because of the stupidity of the management. ANd then i have to get through the rain to look for my bus which only arrived at 7.30pm. Well, i cried certainly. Now i think that girl on the stair also deserved to cry with this horrible management of our Balik Kg.

Hey we also fasting damn it. Really i'm damn angry. They have no sense to let us in just for a drop, but then one man with a car they allowed him in to pick up his girl because they fucking know him. I ask them nicely to let us in but they just smile cynically and denied us but they damn friend they allowed. What a muse.... I hope next time mangement up there have a sense of humanity and why not you stand in the rain for us because we've done that for you a lots lots of time.. damn it

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