Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Guy and A Fat Girl

It's been quite a while i want to post something based on the subject because i find it quite exciting and interesting. As i'm also fell into this cute size =) the insight of this matter is more clear than some other people i presume.

Commonly nowadays when you're taking public transportation you'll find this amusing scenario. In fact me myself will definately stumble upon one or two couple and they definately look really lovey dovey. Usually the girl will look at her boyfriend with warm smile and the guy will show their concern gestures. Some of us might be wondering how the hell a cute guy like that will end up with an elephant ....ha ha ha... but the truth is i think mostly because they feel loved, secured and being cared.

Guys they just merely pretending to be tough( believe me!!) at the outside but inside they are just purely childish and a bit sissy( not soft but mengada- ngada). When you are getting closer to you they will showed you something that you don't believe it ever existed, their true self.

So back to the topic. I think those guys with oversize girlfriend are really into something close to their heart, something comfortable and something warm. I ask my BF once why he don't mind me getting fatter. Of course la first he said he love me no matter what my size is ( lucky me !! ) but secondly he said he likes the fact that i'm not making such a fuss when eating time, not being too choosy and always will accompany him to eat. Not like skinny girl who will reject eating at night, eating less than normal and always skip dinner/lunch with him.

Also fatty girl were more tolerable and sweet because we soft at heart and we understand all emotions well because we have extensive experience on that =)
so that just it..

Guys like fatty girl merely because they just play themself as it is. With big heart and warmth and caring..who want to push that away, right!!!

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