Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Museum Restaurant, Kota Damansara - Bad Stuff

This post is for those who bought the deal at Groupon or Milkadeal or whatever for RM25. 4 western main course for 2 person.

Unluckily i bought 2 since i think that for RM25 and with the main menu like it possible to be full? Yup, not only we were not full, the foods also sucks.. Come on la for those restaurant who put yourself on group deals please serve good food cause a lot of people will be buying and it is sort like promotion for your place. If goods we will blog it and introduce it to our friends and family..if not??? all you get is bad reputation cause i'm certainly gonna give you one now..

First to come ...Soup.. Mushroom i think

No taste whatsoever.. 


They gave us one plate of salad 1/4 of cherry tomato (wallaweh) and 1/4 egg with  several leaf of salad and mayonnaise dressing..

Thirdly...main course.. mine Rack of Lamb with Plum Sauce..hubby went for Sirloin

Seriously it's not even rack and the plum sauce taste nothing as well.. not even a hint of sour..duhh
The Sirloin meat was done when my dear asked for medium..and actually you can eat better western and cheaper too at Damansara Damai food court beside the Mc Donalds.. Seriously that one is better..

Fourth..Panna cotta/desert

It's just a jelly doesn't taste specific and it's yellow colour.. 

Then we decide to use the other coupon as well since it's sucks anyway..might as well finish it then and there

So we choose other main..mine i took Lamb Ragout and my dear took Duck Breast something la

Both are totally cannot be eaten..The Lamb Ragout was more like a bad Mee Basah/Mee Hailam..taste a bit bitter and the spaghetti totally kembang..and the duck was sweet with orange dressing..we just left it like that..

Truthfully even after 8 course we still going back hungry.. no wonder the restaurant got so little patrons..


  1. I have bought 10 coupons and invited 10 friends to go visit it together, we thought we are able to use 1 coupon(set for 2) for each of us (cos we want to eat a lot!) as the girl in the phone said we can.

    When we are at the restaurant, the waiter refused to let us to use all the 10 coupons, he claimed that they serve according to heads... (why not they tell me earlier in the phone!! 1st disappointment) The place is so quiet... I saw another few families came to the restaurant with the same coupons I have(all of them!! I dont think they have regular customers).

    Time to choose the meal from the long list of menu, the waiter told us that the salmon is not available(that's why I bought this deal...) , the pizzas are not available as well... (2nd disappointment) even they let us to choose lamb rack as a replacement but the choice become really limited. Then they started to serve food~ soup is ok, salad is better than what Lisa had, haha, at least the portion is bigger.

    Here comes the main course, 1st, the lamb rack is not lamb rack, it looks like some cheap lamb chop and far different from the picture on the menu... the duck breast is so small... the full chicken leg that supposed to have apple salad as a side has been replaced by some normal salad leaves... the lamb ragout is small and I dont really see much lamb in it(3rd disappointment).

    After eating the main course , we ask for the dessert, we have waited for 45 minutes for the ice creams to be delivered to our tables (luckily we came in group so we can hangout a little bit) , we are totally surprised to see how small is the serving.... it's like a pingpong sized ice cream in a small bowl... but the picture in the coupon is so attractive and big... (4th disappointment)

    We are not happy at all to dine here, I was surprise to see they are still surviving until today... I feel cheated... I really doubt about their professionalism and will to serve the customers... I will not go to this place again :(

  2. I really think that's why they enlisted their restaurant in Groupon and others cause their food really sucks big time. Apart from grouponers i don't think there are other customers for them for a long time. They are using cheap ingredients and trying to sell it at higher price.And it's not even taste good. I hope people read my review and your comment first before they bought their coupons in the future..thanks for sharing ya ^^


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