Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nursery, Diapers & All in Between - Part 1

First time being a mom is really a learning process. You got to experience a lot of first time what milk to buy, which diapers to choose and how to pick a nursery if you're a working mother. When Kaka was born i even don't know how to give her milk until the lovely nurse teach me how to..

She's really nice..even teach me to swaddle her. Then there's time i need to buy breast milk pump since Kaka's not a big fan of sucking milk. Well since i'm a cheapskate when it comes to unnecessary expenses i often choose cheap alternative. 

My breast milk pump is not those expensive auto that cost cheapest at 200 ringgit. Mine is Pureen Manual Breast pump that i bought at 16 ringgit at Tesco. It's easy to clean and it's totally fine to use. I read some of the mom said it hurt or something using it but it's just nice for me. The trick is to find the focal point where it suits the pressure of the pump. Buy the one with the blue ball where you get to squeeze it for the pressure. That one better than the finger handle one.

For first timer mom, make sure you buy breast pump before you deliver cause sometimes your baby don't know how to suck or drink a bit only at the beginning. And your milk will make your breast really hurt if you just let it fill. Believe me i know cause i caught on fourth or fifth day after delivery cause Kaka drink very little only each time.

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