Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thinking It Aloud

Since i'm not really allowed to eat lots of stuff so there are no food posting from me. Feels like really long time i didn't chomp on something sinfully tasty. And just to think i have all this free time with me on leave for 2 months with salary, mind you and can't try all those wonderful lunch time dishes.'s an awful thing indeed. 

But then a lot of good things happen and being in love with 2 of my special person and being love by many people do tend to make you feel on top of the world. 

I'm glad my dear finally getting back together with his folks and i'm honoured to finally met them at last. They have been so nice to me and i'm grateful for that. And being so good with my baby that i felt it as blessing for our relationship. 

As life puts it, there will always be up and down along the road of our lives and we will get through it smoothly having someone to share the burden. Whether it's good or bad as long as there are someone holding us will be alright..

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