Friday, June 7, 2013

Late Nite Blues

It's only me not sleeping yet. Both my baby ( daddy n his girl) already asleep. Some more with this cold weather with drizzling rain. Wahh really perfect for sleeping. I'm playing my Candy Crush and waiting for life right now so no sleeping yet for me. 

How time have change..

Just now me and my darling were recounting our days before this..what we have done..what we have achieved and how we evolved through all this.. we actually have a baby now. It's really something you ponder over time. 

How quickly time flew and we actually living in something in the past we wonder what it's going to be..

Who would i marry ? How's my child will look ? That sort of stuff and now i'm living it knowing the answer to all that.. 

Thank god we made it this far and happily together..may god will bless us with wonderful life amongst our family and friends..

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