Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My WishList!

Well i'm suppose that i have to manage my posting somehow even though i'm completely, totally lazy about it. I've been thinking of shopping malls i want to go and some kind of list to keep me having a plan. 

Shopping's Place

Paradigm Mall, PJ - i hate going to mall without driver, he he
Kenanga Wholesale Centre - need driver also
Festival City Mall - should ask my friends to tag along..hmm
Bandung, Indonesia - wow weee, excited to go and Shopping

For holiday

Labuan, Sabah - my cousin's here so i really wanted to come over
Langkawi - keep thinking the last time i went there i got chocolates all over my hotel's bed..yummy
Cherating - very nice beaches
Pulau Pangkor - near my mom's hometown
Cameron Highland - been here once and i wanted to feel the chilled air again

To eat

D'Kayangan Buffet & Steamboat, Shah Alam - just needed to figure out where it is

I don't know..i've been eating in a lot of places i just don't know where to go anymore..anyway when we make a list of where we want to go and what we wanted we will see it and eventually got it through our efforts. That's why i really loves to have list especially where i want to go next for eating rendezvous..cioa!

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