Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cinnamon, One World Hotel Lunch Buffet

I'm just back from lunch buffet in Cinnamon. Actually it's been 3 years we celebrate my boss's birthday here. Before that we used to go to Equatorial Hotel in Jalan Ampang. But because it's too far and it's kind off lacks in food so we switch to much nearer One World Hotel. 

First year we went there was quite superb. I especially like the mousse desert. And there are quite a variety to choose from. Second year it's getting worse and today it get worsen. Yeah they still have those regular Sushi/Sashimi Bar, no roasted lamb this time and normal stuff like sate, dim sum, nasi ayam and stuff like that la. This year i think more traditional and the spaghetti aren't as good as last time.

The desert? Just normal cakes, few tarts ( which i ate the filling and throw away the shells) and yeah they have that chocolate fountain and so on. But no mousse. That really tasty thing no more. I'm so disappointed. I actually ate rather little today. 

But anyway it's free lunch so what the hell..

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