Saturday, August 25, 2012

Raya ke-7 sudah..

It's an awfully long holiday for me this year..and i will start work on Monday..then working 4 days and then holiday again..

Just now i just went back from Berjaya Times Square with my dear since i was quite bored and i wanted a new shoes..he he..the traffic was clear and we have no problem with the parking all was running smoothly..i got a pair of ballerina flat and a blouse. 

Tomorrow we will be on hari raya eat ur heart out visits starting from Bukit Antarabangsa and then to Ulu Langat. I've gain a lot of weights..sob sob but it's ok since happiness was more important than your looks..i think a lot of pretty girl not happy than a moderate kind of i'm gonna stick with my interesting personality rather than my cute-ness.. ha ha..

Anyway i'll be posting my simple Rendang Ayam recipe next for those who literally never cook's my first time and it's so easy and delicious..that's what my dear said and my aunty confirmation ;)

So stay tuned..

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