Friday, July 27, 2012

My Hobby, My Books

So so disappointed in Malaysian reading habit.. doesn't anyone else share my passion for reading English novels..sighh.. or i haven't find a cluster who does ?

Anyway my book group in facebook have already more than 100 members but around 4 or 5 members only are Malays and i think below 10 of them are Malaysian. Others came from other countries in the world.. yup, yippee yai yo..i also doesn't know my books blog quite popular outside Malaysia hence the participants in my Facebook group. But anyway it's just kind a disappointing not able to share the good books with fellow Malaysian..

Sighhh ( big one)..anyway at least we got members who passionate about reading as well as me and for those of us who doesn't have much time to scour book store or library and have less penny in the pockets sharing is the way to go.. and i think Malaysian not a big fan of that..
But then why waste money for something you can get for free..

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