Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Williams Mamak Hawker's Food Review


My trip to Williams at Kelana Jaya was so sudden that we just suicidally go without knowing the proper direction. I just remember Kak Lina told me that it’s close to Plaza Mayang ( which right in front of Williams actually) and it’s got so many people eating there. Yup she was right about so many people eating there but fret not cause they are the only place open there. There one row of seats and I don’t think people have to wait to get table. The service are fast and the foods are in big portion. So for you guys who wanna try it, remember one dish you can share for 2 person and sometimes even 3.

I’m coming from Bandar Utama so I have to make a U-turn when I see the King Crab on my right hand side. So after U-turn I go straight and take the left turn. After that see one traffic light and take left there. Go straight and take right turn and there you can see a hawker tepi jalan stall with a lot of person. It’s not much of environment but where there’s good food there’s sure a hell of lotsa person.

One we were seated, the guys come to take order. There’s no menu and I’m sweating and a bit stunt when they repeatedly asking what we wanna eat. Hey it’s my first time and I donno what they’re good at. That place is like all in one. It’s like several stall combine into one. They got western, Indians, Malay food and many – many food. Yeah they wrote some of it at the black board inside the stall which they say just half of the menu they have.

SO, tell them what your fav things on your mind and they’ll have it. You can also ask them what’s good ( which is silly – of coz they say all ) and they’ll recommend according your choosen type of food. We ate Olio Spaghetti Seafood ( RM30 ) and Nan Cheese ( RM5) and drink Ribena Longan ( RM7). I feel like vomited because it’s a large portion. Luckily I don’t order another dish.

Yup, for hawker’s style of food with no aircond and just cheap table and chair it seem pretty expensive. But after you eat the food you will feel it’s worth every penny. The Seafood Olio Spaghetti really fresh and the seafood are a lot.

They cook the seafood nicely not overcook and just yummy. My nan cheese are so cheesy and big that I have to leave one slice back there. And we both can’t finish the ribena longan because it’s so big and the longan were a lot. It’s like one whole tin of longan inside. There you go. As we can’t eat a lot my review just limited to this dishes. But we will be back to try on new things. 
I heard their Manggo Lassi are pretty nice ..hmm 
My Second time went there & i bring my friend ;)

Mixed Grilled - I don remember the price but around Rm60/Rm80. Got big prawn, stuffed squids, salmon, crab, ect..really worth the price & can be eaten by at least 4 person.

Yogurt drink - so tasty & the other famous drink is Soda Herb ( must try) 


  1. i have since gone back couple of should tried their yogurt drink, so good and also soda herb..

  2. heard my friend said they switch place already but still in that area..haven't drop by yet but maybe soon..


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