Thursday, October 21, 2010

Walk around TAR & Butik First Lady

Last nite after work I accompany my friend to buy clothes for her upcoming seminar. She suppose to go on behalf of her superior and she wanted to wear decent clothes there. So we decided to meet up after work and walk around. We have 2 choice either going to KL Sentral or Jln TAR and we decide to go to the latter since there will be more places to look. We met each other at around 7 pm and we go to each store who put Baju Kurung at their shop. Personally I like street shopping because you’ll find something differ from shopping complex’s products at reasonable price.
And for someone like me who really always fall in love at first sight, it’s rather a savior to my pocket. As we walk we found a lot of pretty clothes ( I bought one) and bags ( I’m crazy about them and I bought one also) and shoes ( don have enough money to hu) and they are cheap, cheap, cheap gurlz.. Baju kurung u can get as low as Rm45 and cotton baju kurung ( a fashion now) at RM65.
I know during Raya time you can get it at RM50 but you can bargain when it’s street shopping. Just don’t be shy about it. It’s fun and you don’t have anything to lose. So at last my friend bought 2 baju kurung at First Lady. It’s cheap and the designs are pretty good. Me myself wanted to buy but don’t have enough money..sob sob sob..
After that we went to eat KFC across the street and went back home.. it’s really nice to go for a walk after work coz it can clear your mind and makes u more relax..

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