Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why emotions can kill

It certainly will kill when you had too much of it wrapped with yucky mustards.. it's killing me the horrible piercing statue of others thought. I hate when somebody make it a fuss about something so simple..
Why you want ruined the days with stupid nonsense worry-ness that going to get everything in your way away( me la tu- yes i'm talking bout my BF la ).. come on man live while you can and get along with life..

Everyone have problems..i have mine and mine is worse if you considering my nomoneynotevennearsalaryandi'mdoingalltheaccountantworkplusmyworkand
i'mfreakinggonnacrybecausei'msoexhaustedandcan'thaveholidaysbecausenobodydotheworks kinda conditions unmanageable.. yes i'm freakin gonna cry because i'm so exhausted and i know that because my head started to get pretty warm..sighhhh

Why anyone would even consider their problem bigger than mine.. i still haven't pay the rent and i'm so sad i can't sent more money to my parents and my BF thinks his problem bigger than mine..yeah, right..

And don't let me start on my internet connection that get munch by rats.. oh, no i'm just going to explode and my min meeting still not finish and i got delivery order to be write and accounts that have to key in and do some adjustment and an unsure wedding.. and yeah i'm going to cry..


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