Friday, November 7, 2014

Easy Spaghetti with Mussels Recipe


Spaghetti - one person portion
Mussels - as much as you like ( agak2 lah bai)
Cooking oil 
Garlic - 7 or 8 cloves (depends how much your mussels n spaghetti)
Bird's eye chilli - chinese like the red colour one coz it's spicy ( 3 for mild and 5 for hot )
Ginger - 2 to 3 inches
Oyster sauce - around 4 to 5 tablespoon ( dilute it using water in a bowl )
Black pepper - 2 or 3 teaspoon ( put in with oyster sauce)

How to : -

I'm not bing on follow the rule and lots of ingredients kind of person. Often i tried to short cut some recipes or short cut some ingredients. Just big on something easy to do and faster. 

1. Boil water for your spaghetti and add it into it when it's boiling. 

2. Take the garlic and bashed it with your mortar n pestle or just rough chop it. 

3. Cut into small pieces your chilli. 

4. Cut ur ginger into small pieces as well. 

5. Mix Oyster sauce with some water just to dilute it and add in black pepper. Pur aside. 

6. When you finish setting up the ingredients your spaghetti will be about ready so drain it and set aside.

7. Use a wok or whatever you have and heat some oil up for cooking. Put garlic, stir a bit then put ginger and chilli and stir a while until it smells good. 

8. Put your mussels and stir then put a lid on it for around 3 to 4 min. 

9. Open the lid and put the mixed oyster sauce just now. Stir it well then put the spaghetti.

10. Stir some more and it's ready to eat. Yummy...

So easy. You can always change the ingredients, put some vegies or others stuff. This is just basic of the recipe. 


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