Monday, March 3, 2014

Tai Zi Heen at Prince Hotel Jalan Conlay


It's my sister in law suggestion to try out the dim sum buffet here since she saw some good reviews and it's totally halal as well plus near her house. We went for lunch yesterday and the buffet was by a la carte version. We choose what we wanted and wrote it on the form provided. As usual i let if fall to them to choose since i just ate almost everything. 

I like most if the dim sum and it's quite ok for me. I loves the roasted duck most cause it's yummy since i'm not really a fan of roasted duck. I often find them hard and not properly seasoned. Some like grouper with lemon i don't really favor cause it's sweet instead of sour and some of the weird oriental stuff like prawn wist wasabi ect ect..

Overall it's quite ok and we left full. The downside of it was the service was really slow. We got our egg tart & snow crab salad nearly at the end of the meal when we ordered that one first thing when we came. Some of the dish ordered really arrived when you're about to leave and it's hard to catch the eye of the wait staff. 

The dim sum buffet was priced at Rm 45 ++ per person

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